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Full car painting – how does it happen?

Repainting the entire car is a complex process that requires careful preparation, precise execution and quality materials. We will provide additional information that will affect the wear of the car's paint.

Full car painting – how does it happen? Repainting the entire car is a complex process that requires careful preparation, precise execution and quality materials. There are several steps to ensure an even and durable coating. We have summarized them below.

1. Full car painting – Preparation

Cleaning: First, the car must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, oil and other substances that have come on the car body. Cleaning also includes car washing.
Dismantling: Remove all necessary parts, such as mirrors, handles, and other parts, so that unwanted paint deposits do not form during painting.
Surface sanding: Removal of old paint and rust using sandpaper and a sander. This provides a smooth surface for the new paint to be applied.

2. Surface treatment

Priming: A primer is applied to a clean, sanded surface, which helps the new paint adhere better and protects the metal from corrosion.
Sandpaper treatment: After priming, the surface is sanded again to smooth and prepare it for final painting.

3. Coloring

Color choice: You must choose a suitable car color. Be sure to choose a special car paint that is resistant to external conditions.
Paint application: Paint is applied in several layers using a professional paint gun. Each layer of paint must dry before applying the next layer.

4. Application of coating

Wax or varnish: In the last step, a protective varnish or wax is applied, which provides additional shine and protection.

5. Drying and testing

Drying: Complete drying is important to ensure the hardness of the paint and varnish.
Quality Control: After drying, a thorough inspection follows to ensure that the paintwork is uniform and free of defects.

6. Restoration of assembly

Assembly: All dismantled parts must be returned to their places.

Throughout this process, rooms with good ventilation, proper temperature and humidity control should be provided, which are important to achieve the best possible result. Professional car repainting not only improves the car’s aesthetic appearance, but can also significantly increase its market value.

Why does car paint tend to fade? Full car painting

Car paint fades in the sun mainly due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

UV radiation: Ultraviolet radiation is one of the main factors affecting auto paint fading. UV rays damage the molecular structure of paint over time, causing it to fade and lose its original brightness and saturation.

Chemical degradation: In addition to UV radiation, there are other external factors such as acid and salts used to maintain roads in the winter. Smog and other pollutants can also have a negative effect on car paint.

Weather factors: Repeated cycles between heat and cold, as well as fluctuations in humidity levels, can cause paint to crack and fade. These conditions create mechanical pressure on the paint coating, which leads to its gradual damage.

Physical Damage: Sand, gravel, and other small hard objects on the road can cause microscopic scratches and damage to the surface that contribute to paint wear over time.

What can be done to reduce the wear of car paint?

  • Regularly wax the car, which helps protect the paint from UV rays and pollution.
  • Choosing to park in lower sun exposure or in sheltered parking areas such as under canopies or indoors.
  • Use protective films and other protective systems – special protective films are currently available on the market, designed specifically for the protection of car paint.
  • Regular car washing and maintenance to clean the surface of contaminants that can accelerate the aging of the paint.
  • Taking these actions into account, it is possible to significantly reduce the effects of UV and other conditions on the appearance and longevity of the car’s paint.

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