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What to do if the car engine is overheated – 8 recommendations

Overheated engine - Let's tell you what to do if you notice that the temperature indicator starts to exceed the normal limit while driving.

What to do if the car engine is overheated

We will tell you what to do if you notice that the temperature indicator starts to exceed the normal limit while driving a car. (not all car models have this indicator) It is possible that not all drivers have encountered such a problem, but it often happens. The reasons can be different, it would be difficult to list them, but the most popular ones are a rupture of a cooling pipe, a rupture of the radiator, problems with the water pump, etc.


If your car’s engine is overheated, act carefully and efficiently to prevent more damage.
We made a guide for what to do if you encounter the following situation:

  • Stop in a safe place: As soon as you notice that the engine temperature reading is higher than normal or the warning light comes on, immediately find a safe place to stop. Ideally, stop on the side of the road or in a nearby parking lot. Never drive with an overheated engine.
  • Turn on your hazard lights: Immediately after stopping, turn on your hazard lights if it’s the side of the road to alert other road users of a potential problem.
  • Turn off the engine: As soon as you are in a safe place, turn off the engine immediately to stop further overheating. Leave the ignition in the on position to keep the brake lights and other important functions activated.
  • Do not open the hood immediately: Wait until the engine cools down a little. Opening the hood while the engine is very hot can cause serious burns from the steam or heat.
  • Check the coolant: After the engine has cooled slightly, carefully open the hood. Using protective gloves, check the coolant level in the cooling system. If the fluid level is low, there may be a leak.
  • Top up the coolant: If the coolant level is low, you should only top up the coolant when the engine has cooled down sufficiently. Basically, you should never try to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. IT IS DANGEROUS!
  • Check for other possible problems: If the fluid level is normal, the problem could be with the thermostat, water pump or fan. In this case, you may need professional help. GT Garage 🙂
  • Call for help: If you are unsure of the source of the problem or how to fix it, your best bet is to contact roadside assistance or your nearest car repair shop, who can provide assistance or transport your car to a service center. Feel free to call our car tow truck.

Remember what to do if the car engine overheats – regular maintenance and inspection of the cooling system can help prevent engine overheating. If your car frequently overheats, this is a clear sign that car maintenance is needed.

What to do if the car engine overheats – Do you want to diagnose the cooling system before going on a shorter or longer journey? Contact us

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