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Manual gearbox vs automatic gearbox

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission – Automatic transmissions are becoming more and more popular these days, although there are just as many supporters of using manual transmissions. May we ask the question which is better? Unlikely!

Manual gearbox vs automatic gearbox

Nowadays, automatic transmissions are becoming more and more popular, although there are just as many supporters of using manual transmissions. May we ask the question which is better? Unlikely! Let’s say it’s a matter of taste, but each of them, of course, has its pros and cons.

The main features of the automatic box:
Most importantly, it has no clutch pedal, so just gas and brake. It certainly makes driving during rush hours easier, and it also does not cause unpleasant times when the vehicle can choke when starting to drive in a stressful situation.

Automatic transmission gears:

“Parking” – P – It is used when the car is parked and it is not planned to go further.

Reverse gear – R – Purely logical – we use it when we want to drive the car backwards.

Neutral – N – Often used when we stop the car, at a red light or elsewhere and take it out of Drive mode.

Drive – D – This mode is used when we move by car, both in the city and outside. Drive mode usually consists of five or six speeds. While driving, there is a feeling when the automatic transmission shifts itself. In newer car models, it’s even hard to feel it.

In Drive mode, the car selects the speed itself, depending on the habit of using the gas pedal and the driving speed.

Key features of the manual gearbox:

We would like to say that driving a car with a manual gearbox is more controlled directly by the driver. This is both literal and figurative. Because an experienced driver or a moderately experienced driver, even with only theoretical knowledge, will be able to react and shift gears in such a way as not to create a dangerous situation or even avoid an accident.

If we talk about the cost of repairing the gearbox, then the repair of the manual gearbox will be much cheaper than the automatic gearbox, and the manual gearbox breaks relatively rarely compared to the automatic gearbox.

What to choose?
Everyone can find an answer to this question. But our recommendation is: If you mostly only drive around the city, you are often in traffic jams, then the automatic gearbox will definitely be more convenient and you will not get tired of pressing the clutch and constantly changing gears. Although again – a matter of taste.

On the other hand, if we move more along the highway or gravel roads, then we definitely recommend choosing a manual gearbox, which will allow you to fully control your car.

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