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Buying a used car

Buying a used car - Cars are sold all year round, of course there are seasons when they are bought more and there are seasons when buying activity decreases.

Buying a used car – Cars are sold all year round, of course there are seasons when they are bought more and there are seasons when buying activity decreases. We have noticed that there is much less activity as the cold weather approaches, but maybe this is just our observation. We would like to share some recommendations so that the purchased car is in good technical and visual condition, there are things and places that should be paid more attention. Let’s consider the case when the used car is worth between 3 and 8 thousand.

Let’s take as an example the situation if you have seen your next reliable means of transportation on the most popular advertisement portal in Latvia.

First tip:
If you are interested in a specific car model and a specific year of manufacture. We also carefully study other similar offers, not only the particular car ad that caught our eye. Compare the price!

Car ads often look tempting and say that the car is in perfect technical condition, just from Germany, or has just never seen the “smooth” roads of Denmark and Latvia, but often there are some underwater stones hiding below. When comparing prices, we evaluate the average selling price of a car for your model.

Of course, there will be cases when the car is really sold cheaply, even in good technical condition, because it is possible that someone urgently needs financial funds, but often it can also be a major defect of the car, so that the dealer, after receiving the first complaints, can say after the transaction that the car but it was well below the market value, what did you expect?

Second recommendation:
If we have evaluated the optimal price option, be sure to call the seller and say that you want to see the car in person and that you will want to visit a car service of your choice to perform a full technical and visual diagnosis of it, and you will also want to take it for a test drive. If the seller says that there are no problems, then this is already one big step to the fact that the car is really not in a bad condition and after buying the car, the investment in technical issues could be minimal, but there is no need to be happy.

Of course, you can perform car diagnostics at a convenient place and service, but as the authors of the article, we will also recommend our service. Read more about the service here.

Third recommendation:
Not everyone always has so-called friends or acquaintances in services. In that case, the choice will be to search in Google or another resource of your choice. If you find a favorite, check for a recommendation, check for service complaints. Nowadays, people already complain about all sorts of little things, pay attention to whether the complaints are justified. Once you’ve made your choice, make an appointment. We jump to the step when we are in the service. >>> If we are in an unfamiliar service, then important things to hand over to the masters.

check the condition of the brakes and their operation
check for any fluid leakage
check whether the car is warm and blows warm air into the cabin, including if the car is equipped with air conditioning, check its operation, regardless of whether it is winter
ask to connect the car to the computer to see a full report of errors and other messages, if any.
check with a color meter the body of the car
check the visual side of the bottom of the car and the technical side of the undercarriage
check the operation of all car electronics and accessories
Buying a used car> Hopefully, this article gave you a little insight into what you should pay attention to when buying a new used car in the winter season. Apply for car diagnostics now.