Undercarriage repair

Rolling stock repair is an important process in which the work must be done qualitatively and with a high sense of responsibility. Rolling stock can be defined in many ways, as it consists of various technical activities and parts. If we look at the scale of Latvia, then we must conclude that the condition of the roads is not the brightest and the most frequent problems with the car can be observed directly in the moving part.

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When driving a car, it is quite easy to understand by yourself that there is a problem. Difficulty in maneuvering, the car is unstable on the road, vibrations and countless other defects that indicate problems in the running part of the car.

Undercarriage repair

As with any car repair process, at the beginning of the process, diagnostics must be performed to understand exactly which part is worn or damaged. Often, of course, when experiencing specific disturbances in driving, you can immediately conclude what the problem is, but not always.

The most common problems with the rolling part can be observed in the brake system, alignment, steering mechanism, but not in all cases.
It is recommended to check the running part of the car before each season, as well as in cases where the running part has received a strong impact, noises are heard during the operation of the car, as well as before and after long trips.