Refilling of air conditioners

Filling or repairing air conditioners – How does the car air conditioner work and why does it often have problems or does it not work at all?
The essence of the car air conditioner is to circulate the cold light and also dry it. The air conditioner compressor is driven by the car engine. The air conditioner is exposed to temperature fluctuations, vibrations, humidity, which can often lead to the dysfunction of the air conditioning system.

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Filling or repairing air conditioners

How to understand that it is time to perform the maintenance of the car air conditioner?
Most often, this is due to contamination of the parts of the conditioning system. This creates increased pressure in the system, contributes to its overheating and can cause malfunctions. A frequent problem is when you feel an unpleasant air aroma in the car cabin after turning on the air conditioner. This may indicate a clogged cabin filter. If the cabin filter has not been changed, then the air escapes through it only partially or not at all. In that case, there are a number of problems that may arise if we do not change the cabin filter on time. The cabin filter is usually changed during seasonal car maintenance.

How to fix air conditioner problems?

Filling of air conditioners – we have the possibility of repairing all types of car air conditioners and their diagnostics. Today, almost every car has an air conditioner. It is easier to prevent the malfunction of any car part than to eliminate it and buy a new one, including the air conditioner. Regardless of the time of year, it is advisable to turn on the air conditioner for 7 to 15 minutes. In the cold weather season, it is advisable to warm up the car before turning off the air conditioner. When washing the car, thoroughly wash and blow out the condenser, but be careful with the pressure of the water or air you are cleaning with, it should not be too high. Remember that conditioners do not need seasonal refilling. In cases where a refill is required, it means there is a problem that a refill won’t fix.

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Refilling conditioners – summary

Topping up your car’s air conditioner is a process necessary to ensure that your car’s climate control system is working efficiently and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. Over time, some of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system (commonly known as Freon, but more scientifically often referred to as Chlorofluorocarbons or HFCs) can be lost. It is important to regularly check and refill the air conditioner system.

How air conditioners are filled:

System Check: Before filling, the mechanic will perform a general check of the A/C system for any leaks or other problems.

Removing the old freon: The old freon is removed from the system to make sure that the air conditioner will be filled with fresh and efficient liquid.

Vacuuming: A vacuum condition is created in the system to remove any air and moisture from it. This helps prevent corrosion and improve the efficiency of the conditioner.

Refilling the new coolant: Freon is refilled in a certain amount depending on the requirements of the vehicle and its air conditioning system.

System Check: After filling, a system performance check is performed to ensure that the air conditioner is cooling efficiently.

It is important to choose a professional service for filling the car air conditioner, because incorrect filling or not noticing a leak can cause problems in the operation of the system. In addition, freon is an environmentally harmful substance, so its use and disposal must be carried out in accordance with environmental protection standards. Contact us