Fuel system repair

Fuel system repair – The fuel system in a car is one of the most technologically complex functions. It provides fuel to the engine so that the car can be started and moved.

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In order for the fuel to get from the lighthouse to the appropriate place in the engine, it must travel a certain way – through the pump, through the filters, through the nozzles.

Regular maintenance is required to prevent complete failure of fuel system components. Often the most frequent maintenance is on the filters, which are responsible for filtering clean fuel and delivering it further to the engine.

Every season or after a certain mileage that the car has done, it is necessary to change the oil, in addition to which all the necessary filters, including the fuel filter, are changed.

How to understand and know if there are any problems in the fuel supply system?
The most frequently observed problems are in the operation of the injection system – in the nozzles. Nozzles are responsible for supplying a certain amount of fuel to the engine. If one of the injectors is out of order, increased fuel consumption is felt, and in case of complete dysfunction, the car jerks while driving and loses some of its power.

Fuel system repair

Another common problem with the fuel system is the fuel pump. Most often, problems with fuel supply are observed in the cold weather season. When fuel pump problems start, there is a possibility that the car will not start or when driving the car, it may stop suddenly and the engine may stall due to lack of fuel.

Changing the fuel pump is a relatively expensive process, but it is often possible to restore the fuel pump or replace a specific part that eliminates the problem.