Car cooling system and radiator repair

Car cooling system and radiator repair – Cooling system and car radiator repair – The function of the cooling system is to remove heat from the engine. When the engine is running, the temperature in the cylinder can reach high temperatures, so this heat needs to be removed from the engine’s combustion chamber and other nearby parts. The operating temperature of the motor is between 80 and 100 °C.

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How to know and understand that something is wrong with the car cooling system?
After starting the car, after a short time we will see an indicator on the dashboard, which indicates that the engine temperature is rising. If we start the car and immediately start driving, the working temperature is reached in an average of 15 minutes. Of course, during this period we already feel the warm air much faster. This is an average explanation of how this should happen. Why medium? Because car models, their age and cooling systems differ.

Car cooling system and radiator repair

If we have started the car, started moving, but you notice that the temperature indicator no longer works as it did the day before and the temperature rises much more slowly or does not rise at all. A common problem is a coolant leak. Fluid leakage may occur over a longer period of time if the problem is not critical. When filling the car with coolant, this problem can be solved when we have reached the liquid level specified by the manufacturer. In other cases, the leak may be complete because one of the radiator pipes has been punctured or there is another crack or overall system dysfunction.
Car cooling problems are often seen during the cold weather season.

We would like to point out that if you have noticed problems with the engine temperature or any other related problem, contact the specialists immediately. If you do not fix the cooling system in time, it can cost 5x more later, because other car parts and mechanisms will be damaged.