Requested question7.3.2024

Responded with a written response

Hi! You need to understand the cost of Nissan Pulsar, 1.2 benia, kw85, year 2016. Below is a list of tasks to be performed:
1. Maintenance: oil, etc
2. Front / rear brake discs + calipers
3. Welding of the muffler ( through, sounds like a sports car at least now 😀 )
4. Can’t open the hood, maybe the cable is 99% or something is wedged.
5. Ručnik kīle, apparently at the left wheel, hvz
6. Rear left wheel bearing howls
7. The radio doesn’t work, it only works in Riga, it’s probably the antenna’s fault, because if I unscrew the antenna near the roof and put a piece of metal on it, it sounds perfectly fine 🙂
8. When driving constantly and at about 80 km/h, the car jerks, but it seems that something is wrong with the engine, but something mechanical with the rolling part.

I will be glad for the answer.