Car welding

Car welding – Welding is one of the additional services we offer. Welding is often necessary when one of the car parts has broken or another defect has occurred. By welding the part in question, we can often make the repair cost cheaper than buying a new part. We would like to add that the welded part is no longer original and there is a greater possibility that it could break again under a certain impact or load.

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Car welding – Before we carry out welding work, we strictly evaluate its usefulness. If the part is not intended for welding or can create a danger on the road, we recommend the purchase of a new part or, if possible, its restoration, which is allowed by the manufacturer and the characteristics of the part.

Welding works are often used in cases where we carry out painting of car parts and other body repairs.

We offer:

  • Body welding
  • Muffler welding
  • Argon welding