Car diagnostics

Car diagnostics is the first thing that should be done to identify or suspect a problem. Often when driving a car, we hear strange sounds or experience driving discomfort. If such suspicions have arisen, then you should not make decisions yourself, but take the car to a specialist immediately.

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Don’t be afraid of car diagnostics! It is relatively cheap and it will always be possible to choose which of the works to be performed first or to postpone for some time, evaluating the seriousness of the problem and future participation in road traffic. In order to feel safe on the road, not to endanger yourself and others, car diagnostics must also be performed preventively.

Car diagnostics before buying a new car.

This is a stage that is important so that after buying a new car, you will not be disappointed after the first drive. We have the opportunity to perform a full car diagnosis or check the operation of a separate place and equipment according to your wishes. Also, if you are a bona fide car dealer, then before you sell your car, you can safely bring it to us to eliminate technical and visual problems that may affect the car’s price reduction.

Let’s mention some of the processes that are done in a car diagnostic test:

  • Diagnostics of the suspension and brake system
  • Diagnostics of electronic equipment / control units
  • Body paint inspection
  • Diagnostics of air conditioners
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Full pre-purchase car diagnostics
  • Transmission diagnostics
  • Checking the fluid level
  • Car data check
  • Inspection of the cabin and its elements

After car diagnostics, we will give you a detailed description of the car’s technical condition, we will point out minor, medium and critical defects.